What to expect

When deciding if you want to attend a new church, its nice to know what you can expect while you are there. Knowing in advance about dress code, worship, length of service, atmosphere, or any other questions you may have before your visit, or help in the decision whether or not a church is a good fit for you, this is a great place to start.

We are a nondenominational church.

Below is a list of what you could expect when you attend our church service(s).

  • The Gathering: Sunday's 9:45a

    Dress code: Casual, comfortable.

    Service layout:

    • Praise and worship- featuring live music, played by our worship band. Usually about 30-45 minutes, depending how the spirit moves.
    • Teaching- Pastor teaches out of the bible for about 30-45 minutes. Feel free to take notes, or listen to podcast if you miss service or need to hear again.
    • Childcare available for children 0-12yrs.